Established in 1996 as an Artistic & Creative thoughts brought SM Exhibit to its exsistence by Shri Satyajit Mondal over the years, taking advantage of its technical expertise, expanded into the emerging field of display the art of designs. with precision engineering and design capabilities, we are one of the most sought after firm for design and development of world-class modular display systems and custom fabricated exhibition booths.

SM Exhibit has earned a reputation of providing superior quality, user-friendly display systems for marketing & brand building. we have also augmented our design and fabrication skills to provide customized, distinctively different and innovative exhibits with a unique look and feel. keeping creativity and innovation at the core of every project, inoways has carved a niche in this field.

Moving forward, SM Exhibit has developed additional in-house design and multimedia capabilities to provide an integrated offering to meet varying customer needs. We design distinctive corporate or brand presentations be it, multi-media, print or audio visuals to accentuate the client’s presence on the web or on ground.

True to creative work, SM Exhibit is all about delighting our clients with innovative ways to capture their customer attention and create a desire for their brands.

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